Monday, February 28, 2011

Portfolio Shoots and Trading

Well the start of 2011 has taken me in a direction I didn't expect - 11 model portfolio shoots since January 9th. That's more than I did all of 2010! Not to mention - it's keeping me busy! I'm not so sure its going to stop any time soon either.

Two individual professionals (sometimes agency represented) working together - so who pays who in this case?  Well oftentimes, shoots of this sort are done on a TF (or time for print/file) basis. As in trading.  How does it work?

read on to find out - but be warned, it's a long one....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tracking the Stars

    I have been writing a fair bit about astrophotography and have neglected to mention a particular favorite tool I have. Best of all this tool is available to all, free to use, and has limitless foresight. Sounds like a pretty smart idea huh?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Killer Landscape Tips

Landscapes and scenic photos.  Usually all you would expect you need for that is the killer landscape in front of you.  Well it certainly helps, but there is a lot you can do to really step up those landscape photos.  I will cover some of the most popular tricks briefly here.  Including the ones about getting your photos to look like this one, straight out of the camera.

Protect Your Industry

Consider photography like any other industry. Although unlike most other industries, it is founded upon the many individual operators rather than the industries with massive workforces at any given workplace.   With this, it lacks structure and standardization that are certainly commonplace in other industries.  Not to mention that with improving technology, it is easier and easier for people to assimilate themselves into the industry, with or without any background education.

Where am I going here?  Well consider a grocery store analogy; what happens if everyone thinks they can go to their local grocer, and say 'Hey, lemme get these steaks for free today, and I promise I will tell everyone how good your butcher is!"  or similarly going to a hairdresser's for a cut and requesting highlights too at no extra cost.  It just doesn't work like that elsewhere and cannot continue to work like that in the graphic design industry.      

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flexing the 'Photoshop' Muscle

Anyone who has seen my work on facebook lately will notice I've been 'doctoring' surgically removing most of their original being and replacing with transplanted organs of my other photos to form something completely different.

You may also have noticed that in general this doesn't fit with what I generally produce.  Well, someone said something not so long ago and it got me a little 'spooked'.

Read on to be transported to more 'unreal' compositions and the real deal explanation on why all the heavy editing...