Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Interactive Panoramas

Anyone who read my post from November 25th saw I just discovered a quick and easy way to convert the panorama images I already have, into interactive files online.  I have great news, I've made a bunch more! The one above is, if you don't recognize, from Niagara Falls, Ontario looking south.

A few more after the jump and some more words about the feature

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Do you want something to look at all year?

Do you want something to look at all year for 2013? I've got it! My new "A Year in Canada" 2013, twelve-month full colour calendars! Each month is a different scenic image, so at the end of the year - you have twelve great prints to put in some frames to accent your house!
Let me tell you - the print quality is amazing, even better than I was expecting, so I am certain you would be happy too!
To be honest, I didn't even invest in these myself. My amazing girlfriend asked for a Canadian Calendar design, and I did it - she ordered it, and snatched up a sweet online sale while she was at it.  We have a couple dozen of these, but a bunch have homes already, so act fast!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You've Been Sent Here for Questioning

Promotional Infographic for Monthly Free Print Giveaway
We have a few questions for you... actually, you were probably pointed here more likely because you have a few questions. Questions more specifically, about entering a sweet giveaway for a free print sent anywhere in the world, every month, which I will be running from my Facebook page.

What will it take? Well I'll try to make it a little different every month to keep things interesting, so stay posted for the details for this current month. But all you have to do is share a post.  Very Important >> As much as I would like it to, your vote won't count if its not shared publicly on your own Facebook wall. Why? Well, unless we are already buddies, like 'fb friends' who can see each other's walls, information on your wall is kept private from my page which is sort of like a public entity. So make sure your contest entry is set to  'public' on your wall by clicking the two little people icon beside the time that post was shared and make it the world icon for public. (see image below for help!)

How will you know which posts are eligible? If they have a link straight to here - thats a good sign, they will also have a little watermark change up mentioning their eligibility as a contest entry. Hit the link below to see the where the winner's circle will go, as well as the images that they requested as a print. Hit the link after the image below for even more info, about how winner is chosen, previous winners, etc!

Thanks again!
You should see something similar when making sure a post is public for your entry. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 and counting....

Screenshot Fragment, Nov 25, 2012 @ 2112 images
Not talking about the year, but the collection of images I've amassed on my Facebook C Gardiner Photography page.  While 2000 images is a lot to have online, and 'vulnerable' even, it's still less than 1% of my lightroom catalog.

I am debating with myself whether I like to leave my previous organization, images, watermarks and file sizes intact, and update my methods as I move onward, continuing to show my page's, and my work's progression. Or do I remove everything I don't like, reorganize it, re-export what is worthy, and commit to this new organization.

What do you think, I would like a comment you can leave after clicking "read more" below. Thanks!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun With Panoramas

Having made a fair share of trips through mountains, while being exposed to epic vistas, I started capturing my full viewpoint with techniques for creating panoramas. I often wouldn't post these panoramas to share online, since they don't translate well into long still photos.
I found a new tool online that let me take my old panorama files that I had stitched together (some as long as seven years ago, pre DSLR days) and then present them in a scrollable format online as the one of Lake Louise above.  A much more intuitive way for a viewer to see, and now interact with a still scene. To get the full effect you must click on the little arrow in the top right of every frame for full screen - I made sure to upload the panoramas in 1080p.

hit the link for a few more

Packing your Carry-On

When you start getting work that requires some degree of air travel, you need to sort out a little bit of packing logistics to get everything you need there, and in one piece.

This is  a list of what I brought along to a Wedding in Ontario, from British Columbia.  Google StreetView can only do so much to bring you somewhere you've never visited, and people don't get married by the roadside usually. So packing for a foreign location means you have to have enough to be 'sure'. You can bet I don't need the airport announcements to tell me to keep an eye on my luggage.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Final Cut vs iMovie

I've been working my way into the capture and editing of video lately, and recently made a long awaited decision to upgrade to pro video editing software.  It took a while to drop the cash on Final Cut Pro X, which compared to other pro-video editing software, is actually pretty cheap.
-Definitely a great decision, I can tell already-
How does iMovie stack up against Final Cut Pro?
Hit the link to read more;

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Using Facebook to it's Potential

An infographic I created to help you in the process if you're having trouble finding 'add to interest lists'

This isn't a tip for photographers, but for any user of Facebook.  Recent changes on Facebook have been requiring page owners to pay to promote their posts in order to reach just a fraction of their fans they already worked so hard to get.
So to get around this, as someone who liked a page in the first place for a reason, go back to that page and hover around the Liked button, and then click 'add to interest lists'. You should do this for any page whose posts you would like to see on an ongoing basis, as they become available.
I would appreciate it if you would do this for me too, since right now, my average post is only being seen by half of my page's 'fan-base'.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, November 19, 2012

46 "Likes"

A Facebook Cover Photo from Keloha, 2012

That's all it's going to take at this moment in time, for my Facebook page to get to 1,000 likes! Breaking the quadruple digits, it's like a milestone for us page administrators!

Hoping to get there before the end of the year, which is right around one like per day! Help me get there, it would mean a lot. If I reach 1,000 by the end of the year, I'll do something that will make everyone happier : start uploading larger image file sizes to Facebook, or start some contests or something! Give me some feedback!

You can see my updated page progress at the bottom of this post in the little Facebook widget.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Week on the Web

Well, if you saw my last post, you will know that I recently had some troubles with a bunch of broken links of my blog. All (or almost all) of which I fixed, to the best of my knowledge.
After I pounded through that in about 8 hours straight, I realized my website needed some serious work since I had been getting inquiries from potential clients, with outdated information and pricing.
So a few days later, I have fully updated my website. It's been cut down quite a bit to make just the pertinent information available, there is also a new and more in-depth quote form, which will help you as a client get the first email to me started, with the information I need first.

Look for some updates on the website, and back to a little more blogging with my time since the website uses much less verbiage now, I'll bring it all over here.

Thanks for reading!
check the new site :

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cleaning House

I let things get a little out of hand around here.  Not only might you notice a new layout from a few weeks back, but if you've been passing through the archives, you'll have noticed the broken links galore, which clearly I didn't notice!

Getting on those now, counted a total of 158 image links which need fixing, so hopefully in this month of November, you'll see these become fixed.

As for the new layout, I'll also be tweaking that slightly in the next month since I could improve the look a little.

Thanks for reading, and sorry about the broken links!

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