Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Picture of the Day : Larger Format

Making a DSLR photo to mimic that of a picture from a large format camera showing a wide angle view of Kelowna from Mountaintop by professional photographer Chris Gardiner

Here's an image I captured back in November overlooking the city of Kelowna. I wanted to mimic the look of larger format cameras than my Canon DSLR.  I created this to practice my technique, it has been a while since my last multi-layered panorama.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Picture of the Day : Picture of the Night

Scenic view of Kelowna near dusk when the city glows from light pollution in a beautiful way captured by Chris Gardiner Professional Scenic Photography www.cgardiner.ca
One of the many angles Kelowna looks great from.
Today's picture of the day is more literally a picture of the night, from an elevated viewpoint overlooking Kelowna.  This was actually captured on the walk back to the car, after being out from before the sunset.

Although you can tell by the clouds, it was quite overcast. What they detract from in your 'golden hours' landscape photography, they certainly add to a city's glow in a night photo. Read on for a few more from the night.