Monday, September 22, 2014

Wedding Photography : Where Does the Time Go?

wedding photography by chris gardiner in oakville ontario

Your wedding is the culmination of definitely months but maybe years of planning, and a lot of work go into the day, from a lot of different people.   I would like to share with you process that a photographer will go through in order to prepare to photograph a wedding so that they can ensure they will be delivering what the bride and groom are looking for to keep their memories safe.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Microstock Photography : Turning Old Photos into Money

I've done a post or two on micro stock in the past but this is all new.  I recently put together a collection of narrated videos to help anyone who wants to enter micro stock, do exactly that!

With the popularity of high quality digital cameras, there is no reason why everyone shouldn't be taking their best snapshots and turning that effort into residual income.

You can watch the four videos I'll link below. It will help answer your questions of what micro stock is and how to start it.  You can also read the rest of this post for more detailed information.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Relaunch! Okanagan Art Prints for Sale

Okanagan scenic photography art prints for your home or office decor printed by the photographer on demand.

I am talking about my Okanagan Art Prints page which was available at
I've kept the link the same but it has received a major overhaul and should instil more confidence in my customers that I can produce the quality images I am displaying for sale.  I can admit myself that the previous version probably didn't instil that confidence.

Anyways, If you are searching for Okanagan Art Prints created from beautiful still photography of the area, that may be the place for you to visit!  The selection has been made smaller, since there is more work in this type of display than my last one.
As time goes on, I'll be adding my most popular items to the list of prints available for sale available on-demand directly from the photographer.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Apologies

To anyone trying to access my blog, particularly watching some of the embedded videos, I apologize for the broken links. Unfortunately they cannot be fixed until Google Business hours tomorrow. It's been a long weekend. I dad my YouTube channel disabled accidentally due to an error with my Google Map listing and it's had far reaching consequences.

Once the whole ordeal is sorted out, I'll share more details of what happened and how you can avoid similar situations, but for now, please just bare with me.

I am doing my best to resist the clutch of Vimeo's grip, but the longer this resolution takes, the more likely I'll be shifting to the other platform unfortunately.

Thanks! And all the great videos will return shortly!