Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tour Around With Me Using Google Map Views!

Chris Gardiner Photography captured this 360 degree panorama with Google Panosphere App on an iPad and contributed to Google Maps Views copyright Chris Gardiner 2014 www.cgardiner.ca
Google Maps Views of the boardwalk on Toronto's Islands captured by Chris Gardiner Photography with an iPad

I like to travel, you might like to travel, and now you can join me where I go.  I don't even need to say it, but I will ; technology is crazy.   At this point in time, everyone is likely to be familiar with Google Maps, and most notably, street views.  Well now, Google is outsourcing their views to everyone in the world.  They want everyone to be able to see everywhere in a full 360 degree view so you can visit without leaving your desk, couch or tablet.

So it's that technology that Google has placed in the hands of smart phone and tablet owners across the world.  I've been collecting these 360 panoramas to upload to Google Maps for about a week now.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Toronto Island

A windy day on Ward's Island Beach drives waves up the shore of the sandy beach captured by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca
Scenic view on a windy day at Toronto's Ward Island Beach captured by Chris Gardiner Photography
I took a little trip to the Toronto Islands a couple days ago.  Not only was it an excellent retreat from the bustling cars and the stone faced and stiff shouldered pedestrians but it also netted me some good photos from the day.

This  one was taken from the sandy beach on Ward's Island. The wind was quite strong all day.  I originally intended to head to the islands to capture some city skyline views, but because of the waves I ended up shooting from the south shores of the islands all day instead.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Northern Lights in Kelowna

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Photography by Chris Gardiner www.cgardiner.ca showing green and purple glow of the lights in the night sky outside of Kelowna British Columbia Canada from Bear Creek Campground. Copyrighted 2014 Chris Gardiner
Zoomed in on some spikes of Northern Lights || copyright Chris Gardiner 2014

The Northern lights are always a treat.  We had just finished putting out our campfire and head home when I noticed them.  It doesn't always look like northern lights at first.  In fact, my camera can see them better than I can with the appropriate settings.  I didn't even believe that it was them until I took my first photo, with the trademark glowing green for auroral activity confirmation.