Thursday, January 15, 2015

Final Cut Pro X Tips and Tricks

I've been working my way into video related work more and more lately, and with that I've decided to share a few things about the Final Cut Pro X software I use through two YouTube videos.

I didn't find much on the subject of the software stabilization found within Final Cut Pro X, so I decided to put together a little demo of the effect that software has.  If you've browsed the internet on the subject, you'll find that most people prefer to use Adobe Premiere and it's 'Warp Stabilizer' filter for stabilization, but for people like myself, and maybe you, that's not a luxury that everyone has.

And for anyone who shoots with a GoPro, you may or may not appreciate the barrel distortion you get in most FOV settings, so I've also discovered a quick little way to reduce some of that distortion without any third-party filters.

So if some FCPX tips and tricks interest you, read on.