Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Promaster 5111 Gimbal Head GH-10 Demo

Here is a post specific to a piece of information.  Like a review, but I don't go over every component of it, just how it is most useful to me, and how it could be most useful to yourself.

It's about the [PRO]Master 5111 Gimbal Tripod head.  Typically gimbal heads like this are made for long telephotos. They through off the centre of balance for your camera so much that on a regular tripod, you can be liable to smash the lens against a tripod leg.
So a gimbal head like this one allows you to pan and tilt smoothly when you have a large lens attached - normally attached by the lens mount for the tripod.   I don't always use things they way you're supposed to.  I found a specific use for spherical panoramas with my gimbal head.  Read on for more about how, why and a video example..

Creative Commons Contribution

100+ Photos Contributed to the CC Library by Chris Gardiner

The title says it all - I've made a contribution to the Creative Commons Library.  Not entirely sure what that means? Let's talk about Creative Commons.