Friday, October 9, 2015

Picture of the Day : From Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls View from Up Close by Chris Gardiner Photography
Niagara Falls View from up Close by Chris Gardiner Photography

Another one from Niagara Falls. I've shared a few before, and this likely won't be my last.  You can go there and feel like you have been tourist-trapped from the moment you park, or you can go in search of those views where you block out all the rest of civilization.

I go to shoot the heck out of it, and the shots I come back with that don't have a person, concrete or steel in them are what I aim for.

So we had some Australian Family visiting Canada for the first time, and of course Niagara Falls is on the list.  This was even a first for me as we took the trip beneath and behind the falls. Quite a sight to be honest and a great view of the falls I'd be happy to return for.

You get a feel for the magnitude of the falls when you're standing at the viewpoint just feet from it's edge, but you don't really get the full impact until you are standing below it and getting the view of the photo above.

Some info about that taking photo;

It was raining, and quite a flat light day. I had to work very hard to get any contrast into that photo.  As you will see in the 'before' image I'll share in a second.
Settings were : ISO 1600 f/8 1/640 on my EOS 6D with a 17-40mm f/4L at 17mm. Processing was done entirely in Lightroom 5.
Shooting it was difficult because there is so much mist in the air, if you take too long to grab focus, and exposure, your lens is already covered in water droplets, so you have to clean it off before you can get a clear image.
Clear off enough water with the same lens wipe and it stops accepting more water. That's called saturation.  So thats when you get real creative. Looking for soft sections on the inside of t-shirts, or whatever it is dry just to clean your lens!

Niagara Falls View from Up Close by Chris Gardiner Photography
A favorite shooting spot above the falls, but doesn't give you the full effect of its power.

Niagara Falls View from Up Close by Chris Gardiner Photography
And a vertical composition on the same scene of Niagara Falls.

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