Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Picture of the Day : Sunset from the Summit

Scenic sunset from the top of blue mountain with colourful fall foliage captured by chris gardiner photography
Sunset from the Summit of Blue Mountain
Here's a photo of the day I to share from a few weeks back.  All the leaves are down where I am we have had the cool weather set in so this is me, remembering warmer times.

This one was shot one leisurely evening we went out sight seeing to take in the fall colours during their prime. We were out all day shooting photos and the sunset was just the icing on the cake for us. 

Read more to find out where it was captured and some of the shooting data.

Getting Hacked : Volume 1 : An Intro to Cyber Security

Just going to recount a personal experience however unpleasant it may have been.  It was still a learning experience, and may help some other readers out there.   I wish I could say I only got hacked that one time, but I can't.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

4K UHD Video from a Cell Phone?

So if you've seen a recent post of mine about a new phone I just got, this is a little companion to that.  That one was all photos, this one.. well its all video as the title would suggest.
Just wanted to share a little look at some of the UHD footage I can capture now, as easily as I can pull a cell phone out of my pocket.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Stock Video Footage

Thumbnail for a new YouTube video highlighting my Stock Footage Work

As a result of video coming with nearly every camera these days, I've started a transition into a lot of video work to complement my still photography.
Video takes a lot of hard drive space, time to edit and work with, the right project to match it, and a whole world of other things for it to fit seamlessly into a story.
I don't tell a whole lot of stories with the clips I make but I don't want them burning holes in my pockets keeping up with hard drive storage.
So selling stock footage is a great logical alternative, read more for the video presentation of my stock footage.

Mobile Phone Photography

Photo Captured with Samsung Galaxy S5 and edited on phone with Instagram by Chris Gardiner Photography
Sunset Landscape Photo Captured with Samsung Galaxy S5
I visit some photography forums on the internet periodically, and there has always been those voicing concern over 'camera phones' and their 'death to the photography industry'.  I have always looked at them the same way the rest of society looks at the people shouting apocalypse in real life… They're crazy folk… and then I upgraded to a new phone..