Do You Tsu?

What is Tsu?  Basically another social media platform but they pay you to be on it, is the short answer.  If you want the longer answer, read on!

Tsu is an invite-only social media platform, not unlike Facebook in a lot of ways, the only thing that they do differently is allow you the user to share in the advertising revenues. After all, you're the one putting up with the ads.

The invite only portion means that only people already inside the platform can invite you to join it, and they do that through a unique referral code for each user.  When a user invites you, you become part of their family tree, and so a portion of revenue you create at is diverted to them. So on and so forth, for every referral. Unfortunately this also means that because money is involved, people have undoubtedly tried to game the system, and a lot of people sharing their interactions with Tsu can look like spam content. And a lot of it probably is to be honest.

In fact, for a long time, Facebook blocked any content related to Tsu because so much of it was reported as spam content by other users.

With money involved, people want to treat it like a job or a way to make money, when its not really. Social media needs to be something you already enjoy doing, have a reason to do, or you're a creator and are looking to share your creations.  If you try to turn it into a job you not only won't make money, but you probably won't have a pleasant experience either.

The only way to make something like this worth being a part of, is if you give it only the time you can afford to lose - in other words what we'd call 'free time' when you'd normally check a social media page or two, doing something you'd otherwise, normally be doing anyways.   After all - you're dealing with fractions of pennies here and anything that feels like work to you certainly won't be worth the trouble in the end..

I only just discovered Tsu about two weeks ago from someones instagram photo that popped up in my feed. It seemed like an interesting concept to say the least, so I gave it a look and figured I don't have much to lose for the five minutes I might give it a week.  If you want to take check it out too, you can find me there as Chris Gardiner and if you want to use me as your referral, hit this link;

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