Saturday, February 27, 2016

Xplornet Hates Me : The Challenges of Working on The Internet in the Countryside

A title image for a blog post about the challenges and unreliability of rural internet connections through Xplornet shown with a typical browser screen saying "you are not connected to the internet"
"You are not connected to the Internet" I see this screen far more often than I should.

I've been living in the countryside for about a year and four months now. We are so far out of the nearest town, they don't have any sort of cables or DSL lines running to our property, so our only option for internet is literally the archaic dialup (who even has a 56k modem anymore?) and Xplornet Satellite Internet.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Making Faithful Art Reproductions with a Digital Camera

Remaining Faithful, a blog post about making art reproductions using your digital camera by Chris Gardiner on a photo showing fine details on a portrait of General George Patton
Making Art Reproductions : 1:1 detail of a digital reproduction from Pencil Sketch of General George Patton

I took on a project recently that required that I learn a whole load of new techniques and workflow. Given the size of the project, I feel comfortable enough writing about that process and sharing what I've found with others - hence - this article! Read on if you're curious.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Photo of the Day : Ski Resort Monochrome

This is a black and white photo at Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario from the chairlift looking straight into the sun with high contrast silhouettes and shadows of the chairlift and the terrain captured by Chris Gardiner
Just nice light at Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Collingwood, Ontario
Almost two years it has been since I was snowboarding last.  So this was my first day out in the 2014-2016 Snowboarding Season. We were riding Blue Mountain Ski Resort just outside of Collingwood Ontario with scenic views overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay of the Great Lakes.
Read on for a bit more about the photo..

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting an E-Book Out There : My Experience With Publishing

My book available on the kindle for the video game, Game of War : Fire Age by Chris Gardiner
I wrote a book and it's available on the Kindle! 

Being a photographer, you get pretty darn proficient with a computer. We have to use all sorts of programs, communicate with all sorts of people and businesses, and basically use electronics all the time. As for myself, I tend to get bored easy so thats when I love to try something new. Let me tell you about this experience I've had with stepping out my comfort zone into the world of e-publishing, and all the surprises that followed.

A Day in the Life : Microstock Photo Reviewer

Soft focus on a macbook pro computer closeup, with title 'a day in the life of a microstock agency photo reviewer' by Chris Gardiner Photography
Let's talk about this unique, work from home opportunity!

You probably wouldn't know this about me - but I am a micro stock image reviewer for a stock photo agency.  It's quite likely that you don't know what micro stock photography is, let alone what a 'reviewer' would do for it.  So let me walk you through a day in my life as a reviewer.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Getting Credit Where Credit is Due

Getting your written photo credit in the caption is sometimes the only visible link your images can have to you

Part of being a photographer in the 21st century means that you're going to get clients that are going to want to post, share or otherwise publish the work you create for them.  So how do you make sure that wherever they post those images online, you get your due credit by way of a short line in the caption? Well go ahead and read on for one of my favourite methods. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Using NASA Media Assets - For Free!

Composite Image of Ed White's First Spacewalk (1965) and a Deep Space Nebula.  Elements of this image are furnished by NASA.
Composite Image of Ed White's First Spacewalk (1965) and a Deep Space Nebula.  Elements of this image are furnished by NASA. 

Did you know you can use many of the images NASA has captured over the years - totally free under a royalty free license? I bet you didn't.  This article has a few quick links for you to do your own research if you don't believe me, some tips on usage, and some ideas to help inspire you with a way to use them!