Monday, March 21, 2016

The Absolute Worst Workaround Ever : Make the 580EX Work With a Peanut Slave

How I triggered my 580EX speedlight with a pocket wizard and peanut slave that is incompatible with it by Chris Gardiner
These 600EX-RT flashes work their bags off for me. 

I have some Canon Speedlights. They're great, I actually love the new 600EX-RT because of the built in radio transceivers which saves me two AA batteries per flash which would be used in a pocket wizard. Before I had those, long before they were even on Canon's drawing boards, I was using the 580EX-II. I have one of those. Unfortunately the systems aren't totally compatible, at least not in the way I want them to be, but I did find a way to make it work - what is essentially the absolute worst, most redundant workaround ever.  Read on if you have a mixed bag of gear like I do.

Avoid being Phished : How to Spot a 'Lure'

It is basically common place now - phishing - when 'unsavoury' individuals are trying to get something from you using less than honest approach over the internet.  There really is no way to immunize yourself, but if you can get really good at spotting their 'lures' you'll be very hard to catch and basically immune anyways.
I got a really spectacular one today, and one a few weeks ago, so it prompted me to write about it. I know it's not very 'photo & art' as my blog would suggest, but as photographers we spend a lot of time online, with a lot of our assets online, so I think because its about protecting those assets - it's still relevant.
Read on if you want to see some tips to protect yourself and help solve the problems they create.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blender is Fun!

Wacom Tablet 3D Render with Blender by Chris Gardiner
Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Render

I never would have guessed how much I was going to enjoy 3D modelling. Actually, cooking and photography were both the same start for me - this surprising onset of a desire for total immersion in the subject.. 

Read on for some info about how I did it, and the other models I rendered before I managed to render this version of my Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Constraints Promoting Creativity

A photo of an opened cardboard box with title text for the subject of this blog post on creativity, image sourced from Flickr under a CC-Share-Alike License Katsuhiro Osabe
Think Outside the Box : How Constraints Promote Creativity

I've had this on my mind for a while now. I actually started writing this particular article back in 2011 and only recently motivated myself to finish it. I think it can be a great read not just for other creative professionals, but anyone who hires a creative professional.
It's all about how having some form of boundaries can help promote a more creative end product. So just hear me out while I state my case, I think by the end you will see things the way I do too.