Service Offerings!

Looking for some more detailed information about the services I can offer? Well here is a compilation of posts I have done, which will go into detail about a particular service I can offer to you, how I might do it, and/or charge for it.

A little bit about Digital Proofing Service - January 2010 - Want to know what it's going to be like after I did a photoshoot with you, while you are choosing your photos? Something similar to this although this was one of my first posts.

Passport Photos - February 2010 - I can offer passport photos to meet their specific guidelines, shot in studio, and then printed only moments later while you wait, thanks to the new In House Printing.

Weddings - October 2010 - A little insight to how I would go about photographing a wedding.

Home Decor & Prints for your Home - November 2010 - Are you located anywhere on earth, and want to have my photos in your home? Print one on demand!

Product Photography - January 2011 - Some information regarding commercial photography.

Digital Manipulations - February 2011 - Just what is possible with photo manipulation? More like what isn't. Check out some examples of mine here.

Capturing Landscapes - February 2011 - Want to buy a sweet landscape photo for home or office decor? Why not take a look at the amount of work that goes into creating them.

Hand-drawn Portraits - March 2011 -  Exactly what it sounds like, a hand-drawn digital portrait made from any existing photo.

Getting you Your Photos - April 2011 - Ok, you've ordered some high resolution digital files, or have some on the way from your photoshoot. How might I transfer them to you?

In-Studio Printing - July 2011 - Prints coming directly from the artist, straight out of my studio.

My Photoshooting Process - September 2011 -  The generalized photoshooting process for just about any session.

Understand Print Credits - October 2011 -  Introduced a print credit system for purchasing art prints, digital files, and the photos from your portrait session. Use this to understand their rates.

Understand an Invoice - March 2011 - Break down some of the charges you might find on an invoice, and why they may be there.

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